As you probably know, were in the 21st century now. Washing your car has never been easier. Especially since a newer, more efficient and hassle free method of getting your car washed has emerged in the form of automated machine car washes. Of course, if you have the time to get a little wet and soapy you can always wash your car the old fashioned way at home or take it to a car wash that will do it by hand.

So then, here’s the big question for you, what’s the difference between getting your car washed by hand versus by a machine?

Let’s dive into the 5 differences between hand & automated car washing!

#1 The most noticeable difference is speed. It takes at the most 5 to 10 minutes to get your car washed automatically by a machine. Whereas, if you get your washed by hand, it will take at least 20 minutes if you rush, but if you want to do it right it will take at least an hour.

#2 One of these car washing methods is more environmentally friendly than the other, can you guess which one it is?

While you’re loving on your car in the driveway with your hose (Yes, you should have laughed by now) and detergent feeling satisfied with your handy work, your also damaging the environment. All of the grease, detergent, oils and other chemicals that run off of your car end up in your local water supply and ecosystem, causing lots of pollution. Next time you want to wash your car at home, think about your kid’s future!

#3 Obviously, getting your car washed by a machine won’t make you tired at all. Whereas, if you do decide to wash your car by hand, you’ll be pretty tired and a little wet when you’re done.

#4 This difference is small, but to be fair it still counts. Getting your car washed by a machine is usually more expensive than washing your car by hand, but it can be cheaper. The cost when it comes to washing your car just depends on your preferences.

#5 Automated car washes don’t make mistakes, they don’t get tired and they never forget a step. Washing a car can be pretty complex. There are certain steps that have to be done to make sure that your car is clean and undamaged. People on the other hand, do make mistakes and do sometimes accidentally damage their car.

When all is said and done, automatic car washes are better for most people.
Do you agree or disagree?