When we think about washing our cars, the first thing that pops into our mind is that doing so will make our cars look good. That’s true. However, getting your car washed regularly actually benefits you in more ways than that.

Not getting your car washed regularly will cause your cars body paint to decay, which means your car will slowly lose value. Yea, that’s bad! You could end up with faded paint, scratches, chips and even rust.

You probably clean your home often, most people do.

What would someone think if they stepped inside your house and saw that it was dirty? But I’m not trying to focus on that because there’s actually something more important than that… YOU! (and your family if you have one)

When it comes to cars, there are a surprising amount of people who don’t put in as much effort as they should. Here’s something that will probably surprise you. If you don’t get your car washed regularly, you’re more likely to get sick.

Think about it. Your car goes where you go. Even if you wash your hands once you get home, those same germs are still inside your car, waiting and multiplying. So yea, long story short, getting your car washed keeps you in good health.

You may disagree with this statement…

But the truth is that dirt, dust and other stuff that’s left to sit on your car creates drag which means you spend as much as 10% more on fuel per year than someone with a clean, regularly washed car.

Myth busters did a test which proved this, or should I say busted a myth?

A dirty car can reflect poorly on your character, and maybe even cost you a job or a date.

This may seem a little obvious, and kind of isn’t related to money, but in a way it is. Love is priceless after all.

Just imagine what people think when they see a dirty car, it’s just negative. Anything dirty is bad, and by driving a dirty car your associating yourself with “bad”. It’s psychological.

Avoid that stigma and get your car washed. Doing it at least once a month will get the job done.

Not getting your car washed regularly can cost you thousands in car depreciation, fuel, and medical bills. Think about all the people who get in your car. Do you want them to get sick? Think about that person you’re interested in dating. If they see you in a dirty car they may think twice, and no that’s not a good reason to get them to think about you! (I’m on to you!)

Now you know that getting your car washed regularly can save you thousands, help you find true love, and even keep you healthier. If you’re looking to get your car washed, Apple Car Wash Express in York or Red Lion PA is a great place to go.