Your car is more than just transportation, it’s an investment of your wealth and a reflection of you. It makes sense that a lot of people get their car washed, because the reality is that they should. Getting your car washed correctly benefits you in more ways than one, and yes, I’ll tell you how in just a minute!

You may or may not be aware of how hard it is to wash a car properly. Truly, it is a skill that takes a long time to perfect, which is why most people take their car to an automated car wash or an old fashioned hand car wash. You can get your car washed either by a machine or by hand at the Apple Car Wash Express located in both York and Red Lion PA.

*Drum Roll*

Let’s start off with the first of 7 crucial things you should know when it comes to getting your car washed

1. Always dry your car after you wash it. Water and chemicals can leave hard to remove stains on your cars body paint that are pretty difficult and costly to remove. Which leads us to our second point…

2. Your car should always be dried off using a microfiber wash cloth after it’s done being washed. These are specially designed to not scratch your car.

3. If you do wash your car at home, never use Windex or dish soap. They will cause permanent damage to your car’s body paint. Instead you will need to buy a soap designed specifically for use on cars.

4. If you take your car to an automated car wash, make sure it’s equipped with newer technology and not the old, inferior technology that is known to sometimes leave marks on body paint.

5. One of the best ways to wash your car is to take it to an automated car wash and then add some finishing touches at home- this saves you time and energy so you can do other stuff that day, while also allowing you to make sure that everything was done right.

6. Know your car, or I should say, know what kind of paint your car has. Not all car paint is created equal, some products can potentially damage your car’s body paint. You can easily find out what kind of paint your car has by looking up the VIN number, checking the info on the door jam, or looking through your owner’s manual.

7. Getting your car washed correctly keeps your car in good condition, which allows you to eventually re-sell your car at a great price should you choose to do so.

We hope that you enjoyed this list and get your car washed the right way! If you want your car professionally washed either by hand or by a machine, Apple Car Wash Express located in both York and Red Lion PA would be happy to help you.